Still. Life. It is My Story

This is Not a Draft…

Well not exactly this time… just got a new netbook, and applied for a new plan for broadband… so I believe next month will be the start of one helluvablogging year. I would like to say sorry to those blog whom i wasn’t able to visit… to those contests whom I promised to join, but I wasn’t able to, to those comments that I wasn’t able to follow through…

Hiatus mode was not really my intention… I’ve been busy these past few months, and pc and internet connection was really that kind of accessible in my temporary place… IMG0364A

Tried to update, (and failed)… Just filled my new post lists with more drafts… And I always feared that what I was about to draft was all nonsense…

Maybe that’s the reason why I hid myself before by using some masks… I’m not really a fan of tagging myself in the middle of all my emotions… I’m starting to train myself how to breathe without masks… and I am asking for all your support on that. I’ve been blogging for quite a while now, and most of the time, my posts are all about metaphor and imagery… some are just make-up stories…

I really don’t know what will happen tomorrow, if I will be able to update this blog or not… if I will be able to continue posting here in Thumbnails, or If I’d opt to go back in my old website wearing masks…

I am somehow happy with my other blog… I can be who I wanted to be… Playing pretend has always been an option… been famous, got some awards, and even gained more friends… BUT suddenly you will realize that it is not you, but your masks are the real ones who are becoming famous… and they are the ones who are really gaining more friends… and they are the one who are really getting some recognitions and awards… Your masks were the ones who are taking the limelight while you are just the lame shadow on the background… Gee, I started to feel like being a bipolar because of my previous blog… no, I feel like being two person at the same time… I know at some point some of you guys have felt the same way too… When our masks takes hover our own personality, and losing ourselves in the process…

That’s when I remembered why I started wearing a mask here in blogosphere… I was afraid that no one will accept me of who I am.  I started wearing a mask because I was trying to please the people who are reading my posts… There are a lot of reasons why I started blogging before, but none of those are really for me…

This is me on my another attempt to be consistent on blogging…


4 responses

  1. And since realizing this, that having a blog focused on style is not me, I have struggled to find my blog s direction, and thus, struggled with what I want to post about.

    22-December-2011 at 11:48 pm

  2. keep blogging sir… kaya mo yan!apir!

    23-December-2011 at 12:26 am

  3. myfilthyroom

    ui, english mode on. 🙂

    25-December-2011 at 10:58 pm

    • ahaha!! tae ka jerickoh! ahahaha!! going international tau ngaun… 😀 mahirap nang magpahuli kay charice pempengco…

      26-December-2011 at 12:52 am

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